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"One day, during College, we came up with the idea of using our design skills to create an extraordinary fundraiser. We believe that parents, coaches, teachers, youngsters and kids deserve only the extraordinary. So we created something unique: a pendant necklace collection based on people’s passion and inspired on our great american culture!"

- Esther Marie -
(co-founder & architect)

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"I grew up selling girl scout cookies with my mom and chocolates in science club. Having now so many groups using our fundraiser brought back those great memories. I really like the idea of creating beautiful pieces of art that kids, youngsters and adults can use to raise funds."

- Esther Marie -

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We travel all year long around the country to promote our unique fundraiser and we have met hundreds of sport groups, churches and schools. Through our fundraising program we have been blessed with the opportunity to see in most groups many significant goals completed. We have witnessed several scholarships and grant programs created with the funds raised with our necklace collection. They inspire us to continue our hard work and keep reaching as many groups as we can around the country. We really encourage your group to try our fundraiser, it’s something unique that all your members are going to love like we do.

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