Meet the Steps 4 Success Necklace Designer

Meet Our Designer

There are so many people intrigued with details about our pendants: Who’s the designer? What's the inspiration behind the collection? What’s the design process? ...and so on. So our team decided to interview the designer and co-founder Esther Marie to have an inner view about all this stuff in her own words. Hope you enjoy it!

What’s the INSPIRATION behind the collection?

As a designer, I find myself sitting in front of a computer screen for long hours at a time. While it’s easy to say that I find loads of inspiration through visual blogs and social media websites like Pinterest, the truth is that I’m most inspired by stepping away from the screen. Whether I’m going for a walk around town or road-tripping across the states, it’s always a breathe of fresh air. Inspiration is truly everywhere. You just need to open your eyes a little bit to see it all around you. I find inspiration in everyday life, the kids across the street, the athletes at baseball practice, a couple holding hands around town or some friends laughing in the park. And what is really wonderful about designing is that I can pass on that inspiration, if I can communicate what people feel about a sport, music or surfing, I may have the opportunity to inspire everyone as well. I’m also inspired by the idea of creating artwork that lifts other people up reminding them what they love most.


On the other hand, the process for me, is an exploration of the individuality. It’s intriguing and different every time, because I need to learn about different passions and reflect all those emotions into a piece of steel. To get what I need I have to watch football games, I need to interview athletes during practice, show them what I have and see how they feel about it. I am really fascinated by the meaning of people’s passions and about how to get their feelings or emotions out through these pieces of art. I also enjoy communicating their experiences and bringing out their exciting moments to life through shapes in the steel. The real challenge I have is to express their feelings through my work and that’s the part I love most. For me this is about making necklaces personal and relevant to them, whether they are football players or musicians.

How did you get to this BEAUTIFUL PRESENTATION?

Every piece of our collection has received a very special treatment. That’s the reason we carefully package every pendant in a beautiful nylon jewelry bag with an authenticity card that includes a special message related with the design selected. For me the packaging presentation is as important as the item itself. It symbolizes the respect I have for what is inside. So we set out a unique opening experience for an item you’ll love to use and show every day. As a designer and architect, I really enjoy to express myself through these meaningful necklaces in which people can also express their individuality. I celebrate this unique relationship between the receiver and the item received with this very special presentation.

What about the MATERIALS you implemented?

We carefully select our materials, from the 316L stainless steel alloy to the extra strength adjustable nylon cord. To get a beautiful pendant, every shape has to be meticulously designed, polished, and crafted by hand. The strength and beauty of stainless steel have long made it a favorite material in fine jewelry, this alloy is well known for its durability and corrosion resistance. I’m always amazed by the fact that my artwork is perpetuated in a unique pendant that is a thousand times stronger than platinum, built to last forever and fit the toughest lifestyle. I truly believe that selecting a necklace is something very personal. It will represent who you are and what you love. I’m thrilled when I see people carrying my creations from dawn to dusk. To me, the way these necklaces are intensely used has endorsed the materials we have employed.

Stainless Steel 316L fundraising pendant necklace collection

I’m alway amazed by the fact that my artwork is perpetuated in a unique pendant that is a thousand times stronger than platinum

How important is the Quality Control & Client Satisfaction for you?

As I mentioned before, we take great pride in the quality and craftsmanship of our necklaces. Attention to detail in design, materials and construction is always at the forefront. We encourage you to also inspect the products upon receipt of your purchase. If you acquired one of our great pieces please enjoy it with no worries, because any concern or quality issue will be corrected at no cost. This is the reason we include with every necklace a no question-asked lifetime guarantee. I believe we are giving the people a unique experience to express themselves and I don't want any restriction clouding such enjoyment.

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