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We believe school fundraising has innumerable benefits beyond the funds raised and here we want to share some of them with you.

A way to provide empowerment to our kids

We empower students when we offer them the opportunity to develop self-confidence. Many schools delegate the management of some fundraising activities to a particular student organization with the option to choose how to use the funds raised. Those students are rewarded with the unique opportunity to work on turning an idea into reality and in the process contribute greatly to their school.

An amazing tool for the faculty

No one better than teachers to identify problems and solutions for their school, sadly many of them have their hands tied by the lack of resources or simply having no support from the administration. However, we have witnessed different approaches at schools that use fundraising campaigns as “those necessary tools” available to teachers. Through fundraising, teachers can skip the bureaucracy and resolve problems and needs in a simple and effective way.

A great opportunity to educate by performing

Through fundraising activities we can educate our students and apply important concepts such as responsibility. These activities are the ideal laboratory to put them in practice nurturing the students experiences at the school. At Ethics Class we teach them about commitment and obligations while at Marketing Class we talk about sales, administrative tasks, money and marketing itself. We believe that every fundraising project is a great way for our students to learn by doing.

An excuse to test the effectiveness of the school organization

It is well known that a successful fundraising campaign requires a outstanding organization from the school, teachers, students and parents, who all need to be well coordinated. Administrators have a unique opportunity to measure the administrative apparatus and find flaws than can be corrected.