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We believe in treating customers the way we’d like to be treated. We do love free shipping, free returns, free try ons, free exchanges, lifetime guarantees and, of course, a spectacular product with spectacular profits. So we thought… that’s what we need to offer!

Free Delivery & Free Returns

We’ll always deliver your order completely free. And because we already know you’re going to love it, we also offer free returns.

Free Try-on Fundraising

Free Try-Ons

We understand you. How can you buy a product online or start a pre-sale without knowing what you're buying or selling? Like you we love freedom, the liberty to check out and physically try on a product before the final sale. Thanks to our Free Try On program, checking out this fundraiser is a piece of cake.

Free Exchanges

When your group acquires necklaces for direct sales, what happens if you sell out of some designs and still have others? Simple, just exchange them completely free, as many times as you need.

Free Try-on Fundraising

Lifetime Guarantees

Starting your next fundraising campaign should be fun, easy, and transparent.

Discover the best fundraising activity in the United States!

Order the catalogs you need absolutely free for a pre-sale. The shipping is on us!

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